“MuSTASHe” Jar – Father’s Day Surprise {Free Crochet Pattern}

First off – I want to apologize for posting this a day late – but I just didn’t want to possibly spoil the surprise Father’s Day gift!!!

Along with some of the ideas that I helped the kids craft posted HERE and Pinned on my Board HERE, I wanted to make something for my hubby for Father’s Day. I wanted to show MY appreciation of all he does for our kiddos!

My aim was to create something that he would use semi-daily – so he could be reminded of my appreciation a TON too! Continue reading ““MuSTASHe” Jar – Father’s Day Surprise {Free Crochet Pattern}”

2 Round Heart {Free Crochet Pattern}

Y’all, as you may know – I launched my Instagram the same time I launched my blog. I clicked on Instagram last night and realized I have 100 followers!?! THAT is crazy to me!!! I am so humbled and am so excited that THAT many people like what I am doing enough to follow me! Continue reading “2 Round Heart {Free Crochet Pattern}”

Donut Day Applique {Free Crochet Pattern}

OOPS ::: I realized I forgot to share the pattern that I wrote up for National Donut Day last week— so here goes!!! Did ya’ll find a shop near you that you could score a FREE DONUT?!? I know a lot of them were doing that last week!

So, yeah — it’s Monday! Who doesn’t crave donuts on a Monday anyway?!? We are a gluten free family, so there aren’t ANY shoppes around where I can grab a yummy, SPRINKLEY one — AT ALL! But, lucky for me, I’m a crafter – so, naturally, I worked up a cute little applique last week (that I used as a hair barrette!)
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{SUMMER} June Craft Challenge & Linky Party

Hay Y’all!!! I’ve always loved browsing linky parties when I read blogs, and I’m SUPER excited to begin my own!!! I’m just getting used to setting this up – so please excuse the repetitiveness and/or the clumsiness of it all, I hope you’ll forgive. I am fully aware that I don’t even think I have ANY readers yet, let alone someone who’d want to join in the challenge. But, I once watched an inspiring movie that taught me – “If you build it – they will come!” (((GRIN)))

This is open to ANYONE with a blog!!! All you have to do is link up your fave SUMMER makes at the bottom of this post for a chance to get featured on the last Friday in June!!!

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Starry Spangled Banner Wall Hanging {Free Crochet Pattern}

Happy Monday Y’all!!! Just so you know, I get inspired to create during every pre-holiday rush. I decided that I would create decor — instead of buy things — a few years ago. Even before I knew what to do with hook and yarn. Do y’all like to DIY your Holiday Decor also?

It’s so satisfying looking around the house seeing all of your own creations! Continue reading “Starry Spangled Banner Wall Hanging {Free Crochet Pattern}”

“EGG”cellent Wind Catcher {Toddler Upcycle Craft}

Hey y’all, I wanted to share a SUPER FUN craft that my little girl and I made. We call it the “Egg”cellent Wind Catcher – and WE absolutely LOVE it!!!

I actually didn’t initially mean for this craft to make the blog, so I apologize I don’t have a FULL photo tutorial for you. But the “progress shots” that I took to preserve our own memories will help you get the idea – I hope! I honestly wasn’t expecting it to turn out so adorable looking.

It was a REALLY windy day out, and I wanted to capture the idea of wind and add it to our “weather time” routine in the mornings. My plan is – if it’s windy, we’ll go and hang this up outside and take a look at it throughout the day through the window or while we’re out there playing. We’re going to use it in her room as a mobile too, when it’s not outside, of course.

My little one had Sooo much fun creating this, I hope your kiddos will love it if you choose to make it also! She even helped with more than just the “lacing” part, which is all I planned on her doing at first. Continue reading ““EGG”cellent Wind Catcher {Toddler Upcycle Craft}”

2 Round Stars (2 ways) {Free Crochet Pattern}

Hi there y’all!!! While working on my new design and decor project- I realized I had never designed a STAR! I planned on adding 3 (but probably more) stars to the current project – so I had to stop – rewind – and get to designing & dreaming up these little pretties! Continue reading “2 Round Stars (2 ways) {Free Crochet Pattern}”

“Row of Tulips” Candle Holder Cozy & Upcycle Project {Free Crochet Pattern}

Hello LOVES! I just couldn’t help myself typing this design up to share with y’all! It works up pretty quickly – and it’s just in time for Mother’s Day! I just put the finishing touches on the design last night, and got it all typed up. Continue reading ““Row of Tulips” Candle Holder Cozy & Upcycle Project {Free Crochet Pattern}”