“EGG”cellent Wind Catcher {Toddler Upcycle Craft}

Hey y’all, I wanted to share a SUPER FUN craft that my little girl and I made. We call it the “Egg”cellent Wind Catcher – and WE absolutely LOVE it!!!

I actually didn’t initially mean for this craft to make the blog, so I apologize I don’t have a FULL photo tutorial for you. But the “progress shots” that I took to preserve our own memories will help you get the idea – I hope! I honestly wasn’t expecting it to turn out so adorable looking.

It was a REALLY windy day out, and I wanted to capture the idea of wind and add it to our “weather time” routine in the mornings. My plan is – if it’s windy, we’ll go and hang this up outside and take a look at it throughout the day through the window or while we’re out there playing. We’re going to use it in her room as a mobile too, when it’s not outside, of course.

My little one had Sooo much fun creating this, I hope your kiddos will love it if you choose to make it also! She even helped with more than just the “lacing” part, which is all I planned on her doing at first. Continue reading ““EGG”cellent Wind Catcher {Toddler Upcycle Craft}”