Donut Day Applique {Free Crochet Pattern}

OOPS ::: I realized I forgot to share the pattern that I wrote up for National Donut Day last week— so here goes!!! Did ya’ll find a shop near you that you could score a FREE DONUT?!? I know a lot of them were doing that last week!

So, yeah — it’s Monday! Who doesn’t crave donuts on a Monday anyway?!? We are a gluten free family, so there aren’t ANY shoppes around where I can grab a yummy, SPRINKLEY one — AT ALL! But, lucky for me, I’m a crafter – so, naturally, I worked up a cute little applique last week (that I used as a hair barrette!)

I created a cute little punny quotey pic too – which I posted on Instagram. I’ll share here because I’m particularly proud of it and it makes me smile when I see it. I hope it at least inspires a smile in you, as well!!!
It’s a reminder to myself. For instance, I have doubts that my patterns and blog will be successful – but I’m still typing the words and creating/sharing them! I’m still believing in myself and my vision for this blog and my creative journey to KEEP ON GOING!!!

What do you think of when you hear the song???  “Don’t stop Believing!!!”

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Donut Day Applique –  ((hey hey, that rhymes!!!))

Small amounts of Yarn for:
dough color
icing color
sprinkles colors
backing fastener (pin, barrette, etc.)
yarn needle
size F hook

ch 6, sl st into first ch to form a loop, ch 1
1) sc 9 in middle of loop, sl st to first sc to join, ch 1 (9)
2) sc 2 in each st around, sl st join, ch 1 (18)
3) sc 2 in first stitch, sc 1 in next *sc 2, sc 1* repeat pattern from * to * around, sl st join, ch 1 (27)
4) sc 2 in first stitch, sc 1, sc 1  *sc 2, sc1, sc 1* repeat pattern from * to * around, sl st join, ch 1 (36)
5) sc 2 in first stitch, sc 1, sc 1, sc 1 *sc 2, sc1, sc1, sc 1* repeat pattern from * to * around, sl st join, ch 1 (45) finish off

begin by repeating the “Dough” recipe (erhm – pattern)
3) sl st, sl st, sl st, sc (sc, sc, ch 1, sc, sc) sl st, sl st, sl st (sc, sc, ch 1, sc, sc) sk st, sc, sl st, (sc, ch 1, sc) sc, sl st (sc, ch 1, sc) sc, sl st to beginning stitch, finish off.

Use the icing layer – and embroider tiny sprinkles. (Or, if you want to appear lazy like me, you can use yarn scraps and glue on on yarn scraps — this also works if you have a potty training daughter who just woke up for her nap and needed your help ASAP!!! The latter was the case in my story!)

Sew both layers together — and  Enjoy!!!

You can put just about any fastener on the back of this little ditty, or use it as an applique!

Please don’t forget to tag me with #kssdonutday or #kssmakes if you decide to crochet one of your own! I can’t wait to see your creations!

As always – if you find any mistakes, kindly leave me a message. Thanks so much!

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