“EGG”cellent Wind Catcher {Toddler Upcycle Craft}

Hey y’all, I wanted to share a SUPER FUN craft that my little girl and I made. We call it the “Egg”cellent Wind Catcher – and WE absolutely LOVE it!!!

I actually didn’t initially mean for this craft to make the blog, so I apologize I don’t have a FULL photo tutorial for you. But the “progress shots” that I took to preserve our own memories will help you get the idea – I hope! I honestly wasn’t expecting it to turn out so adorable looking.

It was a REALLY windy day out, and I wanted to capture the idea of wind and add it to our “weather time” routine in the mornings. My plan is – if it’s windy, we’ll go and hang this up outside and take a look at it throughout the day through the window or while we’re out there playing. We’re going to use it in her room as a mobile too, when it’s not outside, of course.

My little one had Sooo much fun creating this, I hope your kiddos will love it if you choose to make it also! She even helped with more than just the “lacing” part, which is all I planned on her doing at first.

“EGG”Cellent Wind Catcher

This project requires a bit of prep work, so think about what your kiddo could do with you and what you’d need to do first. I cut each egg carton piece out, poked a hole in each pointed end, and cut the lengths of yarn.

Hanging proudly in the wind on the porch.

I wanted to use eyelash yarn, because I loved the idea of the little lashes blowing with the slightest breeze. Plus the Pastel Rainbow yarn I had actually matched the color of the egg carton. BONUS! You can use anything you have on hand for the strings. (ie. yarn, bakers twine, craft ribbon, gift ribbon, shoe lace – you get the idea)

You can also use something other than the hanger to hang it with – but that’s what I picked because it was an extra one that I already had in the kiddo’s closet. (It’s one of those that you get that comes with a kiddo body suit set – and you intend on putting them back on the hanger after washing, BUT you just fold the clothes up instead. — Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this?!?)

Step 1) Attach a piece of tape on the end of the string for easy lacing – you can snip these ends off when you’re done.

Step 2) Model how to lace the pieces, and then let your kiddo take over.

Step 3) See if your kiddo can follow instructions of pulling the yarn through the other side by saying “pull, pull, pull, stop” when it’s at a good spot on the string.

Look at the finished product. Isn’t it just the cutest?!?

Step 3.5) (not pictured – sorry y’all) Tear off a small piece of tape and attach it to the inside of the egg carton so the yarn & egg carton stays in place.

Step 4) Attach the strings to your hanger (or whatever you chose).

Step 5 – (optional & not pictured) Crochet a cover mask for the hanger or wrap it in yarn.

Step 6 – (optional & not pictured) Tie jingle bells at the end of the strings for added weight and FUN! — these were left over from making ornaments.

Ok, so it’s a little rough around the edges (pun intended). But, seriously, try to cut apart a Styrofoam egg carton with dull scissors – you’ll see what I mean! We still love our Upcycled creation and smile every time we see it!

Happy Crafting!