“MuSTASHe” Jar – Father’s Day Surprise {Free Crochet Pattern}

First off – I want to apologize for posting this a day late – but I just didn’t want to possibly spoil the surprise Father’s Day gift!!!

Along with some of the ideas that I helped the kids craft posted HERE and Pinned on my Board HERE, I wanted to make something for my hubby for Father’s Day. I wanted to show MY appreciation of all he does for our kiddos!

My aim was to create something that he would use semi-daily – so he could be reminded of my appreciation a TON too! Just a bit of a back story – I collect the coins that he takes out of his pocket and our tiny kiddos (ok, sometimes the big one too) help me fill up a “digital counting” bank.  So we pretty much know how much spare change we have at all times. (And how much our “SUPER fun TOY fund” has in it.)  Sometimes,(ok, most of the time) I’ve got to collect the change from a few of the “pocket drop-off” spots that he has made for himself around the house.

I wanted a central location for all his pocket change so it would be easy for the little one to collect it all at once when she wanted to. So – I made this Mustache Stash “MuSTASHe” Jar for him. It’s super easy, quick, and so fun too!

The jar is one that I saved last week after I made a Chicken Parm Bake for dinner. (Does anyone else save random jars? – I know my mom and I both have a “problem” with it!) But, you can use any type of jar or container that you’d like.

For the Mustache – I used a tall crochet stitch. MooglyBlog has a great tutorial for how to do these – that you can find HERE.  It is one of the crochet blogs that I have frequented during my journey of teaching myself crochet.

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Materials –
2 colors of yarn (I used a flecked brown and grey)
jar – or container
H/5 mm hook
yarn needle

Mustache Pattern: – foundation chain + 1 row

ch 29
sk 2 st, sl st, sl st, sc, sc, hdc, hdc, dc, dc, tr, tr, dtr, dtr, sl st over the whole chain, dtr, dtr, tr, dc, dc, hdc, hdc, sc, sc, sl st, sl st, sk 2 st, sl st – finish off, but leave a long tail for sewing on

Jar Cozy Pattern:

* After finishing each row around – pull up the loop to make it bigger and flip the fabric inside out. Begin crocheting the opposite way around.
* The beginning ch 2 is considered a stitch.
* Your foundation chain may be different depending on the size of your jar. Measure the circumference of your jar before beginning and measure your beginning chain. I stretched the chain a bit to be sure I got a good fit for the finished cozy.

ch 31, sl st into first ch to form loop – be sure not to twist chain
1)  ch 2, hdc in each ch, sl st to first hdc (31 stitches) – flip
for rows (2) – (9) repeat row 1
10)  ch 2, hdc in each ch, sl st to first hdc (31) finish off

Sew the mustache onto the front of the cozy with a yarn needle. I used a whip stitch through the back loops only all the way around. It helps if you pin the stache to the cozy to secure it in place. I also fluffed up the center of the stache so that it looked 3D-ish.

Place the cozy on the jar. – That’s it!!!

You can you the mustache pattern on just about anything!

Thanks so much for your support!!! XXXX

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